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Catechism course for newcomers and potential candidates for baptism.

Every Sunday after Liturgy. 40 minutes to an hour.

Catechism Resources & Introductions to Orthodox Christianity


 - Brief Introduction to Orthodox Christianity


- Church Etiquette

- Confession

- Deification (Theosis)

- Divine Liturgy

- Fasting & Feasting (Old Julian Calendar)

- Frequent Communion

- How Do I Live As An Orthodox Christian?

- In Peace, Let Us Pray to the Lord

- Orthodox On Purpose

- Practical Aspects of Confession

- Orthodox Prayer Corner at Home

- Rules for a Pious Life

- What Announcement Did Jesus Make to Mankind?

- Why Fasting?

- 8 Things I Wish I'd Known About Orthodox Christianity

- 10 Things Orthodox Christians Would Like You to Know


- How to Become an Orthodox Christian

- The Maners of the Christians

- I Have No Orthodox Church Near Me

- I Don't Like Orthodox People Online

- The Sign of the Cross

- How Not to Confess Your Sins

- Conversion as an Underwhelming Experience

- Habitual Sin & Spiritual Ambition

- Bad Reasons to Convert to Orthodox Christianity

- The Life of an Orthodox Christian


- Church Etiquette

- Links to Freely Available Orthodox Christian Catechisms

- Orthodox Catechism

- Orthodox Prayers

- Orthodox Spirituality

- The 10 Point Program for Living an Orthodox Christian Life

- A Selection of Orthodox Christian Youtube Channels

Holy Ascension Orthodox Mission Catechism Notes

- Lesson 1: Sources of Our Faith

- Lesson 2: The Holy Trinity

- Lesson 3: Jesus Christ

- Lesson 4: Creation & Salvation

- Lesson 5: Sacraments

- Lesson 6: Holy Communion

- Lesson 7A: The Church

- Lesson 7B - Church Building

- Lesson 8: The Symbol of Faith

- Lesson 9: Tradition  &   Basics of Orthodox Spirituality

- Lesson 10: Icons

- Lesson 11: The Divine Services

- Lesson 12: History of the Bible

- Lesson 13: Ordination & Monasticism (Clergy Vestments)

Service Texts & Prayer Books

Morning & Evening Prayers

Preparation for Holy Communion (Pre-Communion Prayers)

Thanksgiving Prayers after Holy Communion (Post-Communion Prayers)

Mission Unabridged Prayer Book

Services of Baptism (Includes Making of Catechumen)

Resources for Neophytes (Newly-Baptised)

Lessons from a Newly-Baptised English Author

Seeking after Visions & Spiritual Zeal

Living Online Does Not Constitute A Spiritual Way of Life 

False Ideas & Wrong Attitudes



Social Media

Internet, Social Media & Amateur e-Theologians

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