Church Attendance By Registration Only

May 31, 2020

Communicants & Servers

Due to the size of the church, a limited number of believers of Holy Ascension may participate at the Sunday Liturgies. Therefore we require the faithful to register for attendance by contacting Fr Kyril by email (preferred) or by phone for those not accustomed to the internet.


​Priority will be given to those who wish to receive Communion, to servers (ie, clergy, altar servers, choir, candle and door attendants…) and to those with special needs. If you attend another parish, please visit that parish for worship and for the reception of the sacraments.


Please register by Thursday of every week at the latest. Given these limitations, we expect most believers will be able to attend at least every 2nd Sunday.


To our ongoing sadness, public health regulations mean that only those who have been notified are able to attend. This will be strictly enforced.


As per the Public Health Direction of Victoria's Chief Health Officer, contact information will be kept for contact tracing purposes for a period of at least 28 days, and will be provided to public health officers (if requested).


Vulnerable Groups

We continue to recommend that vulnerable groups stay at home and keep to the current practice of calling for a pastoral home visit for the sacraments.

Non-Communicants & Co-Standers

Due to the size of the church, Inquirers, Catechumens and First-Time Guests will need to attend Saturday Evening Vespers, as priority will be given to Communicants for the Sunday Liturgies. Given these limitations, we expect non-communicants and co-standers will be able to attend every Saturday.



Confessions are heard by appointment before Vespers on Saturdays from 2:45pm. If there is a Memorial Service prior to Vespers (check schedule of services), Confessions are heard from 2:15pm. No unannounced drop-ins. If you attend another parish (or have another spiritual father) please arrange confession with that parish priest (or with your spiritual father).


To reiterate: it is essential that you get in contact with Fr Kyril if you wish to receive the Sacraments or attend services.


We will strictly adhere to all these health and safety guidelines and precautions. If anyone is unwell or unwilling to comply with these requirements, they should not accept this invitation to attend.


Thank you all for your patience and forbearance in this difficult time.




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